Who are the exhibitors ? Who are the visitors ?


Around one hundred regional, national and international exhibitors are expected to attend SIÑAL EXHIBITION. They will represent the different facets of the non-food applications of agricultural resources:

  • Agricultural materials
  • Bioenergy
  • Biomolecules
These exhibitors come from different industrial sectors interested in:
  • Diversification
  • Substitution
  • Positioning in an emerging commercial niche.


The visitors are contractors from all local industries and groups interested in these new markets.

They include director generals, purchasing managers, quality control and/or sustainable development managers, and also design department managers and R&D centre managers.

International Visitors:

Foreign representatives have already shown interest in SIÑAL EXHIBITION and will attend in order to:

  • Present their products
  • Provide information on the progress they are making in these areas
  • Talk to other exhibitors and visitors
  • Promote the businesses in their country of origin that are working in these areas
  • Do business
You have developed new products (or services) linked to the non-food application of agricultural resources. You would like to promote them in a multi-sector and business framework ...
SIÑAL Exhibition offers booths equipped with 4m ² to 12m ². Uniformity is desirable in order to create a particular atmosphere. However, depending on the nature of your activity, specific layouts may be accepted.